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Defined Curls Treatment by Sheló NABEL

Defined Curls Treatment by Sheló NABEL

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Recover your defined and soft curls!

Products 100% Natural extracts!
Without chemicals or parabens that damage your skin!
For the entire family!

Potato shampoo.
Potato extract, in addition to flaxseed oil, prevent hair loss due to weakness, while delaying the appearance of gray hair. Shiny hair is the result of a hydrated scalp!

Potato conditioner.
Conditioner is to your hair what your moisturizer is to your skin! Provides softness, hydration and strengthens the scalp. It also strengthens weak hair, prevents hair loss and breakage, slows the appearance of gray hair, nourishes hair, and helps in dandruff problems.

Silika in cream.
Provides flexibility to hair for easy combing, plus reduces the appearance of dry and brittle ends. Added with seaweed extract, pineapple flowers, pistachio oil, royal jelly and green tea.

Potato oil.
Strengthens and gives vitality to dry and damaged hair. And you can also use it to lighten dark areas! Like neck, knees, armpits, elbows, heels dry and cracked.

How to use:

  1. Apply a generous amount of Potato Shampoo to the scalp and distribute with a light massage.
  2. Remove the Shampoo and apply Potato Conditioner from roots to ends.
  3. For curls. Apply a generous amount of silika cream and potato oil, mix and proceed to distribute throughout the hair.
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