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Activated Carbon Treatment by Sheló NABEL

Activated Carbon Treatment by Sheló NABEL

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With an activated charcoal-based treatment that can be applied to the face, what you get is a deep cleansing, removing impurities and skin imperfections.

Throughout the day we come across numerous harmful agents that make the skin, the largest organ we have, suffer. Even if they go unnoticed, all these agents accumulate and the skin is the one that has to carry them.

Sometimes they become visible, but many others simply remain there, accumulating over time.

Soap with Activated Carbon
With Organic Coconut
Activated Charcoal deeply cleanses skin impurities. Recommended for oily and blemished skin.

What activated charcoal does is simply absorb fat naturally, just by applying it to the skin. In this way, it manages to eliminate all the dirt that the skin may have accumulated in order to show off glowing skin at all times.

How to use: Wash face day and night. Let rest for 3 minutes on the face and remove with plenty of water.

Mask with Activated Carbon
For Blackheads
With antibacterial and detoxifying properties. Recommended for acne prone skin.

Once the skin has been cleansed, thanks to the activated charcoal, the result is more than visible and what remains is residue-free skin that has a unique luminosity.

How to use: Place the mask on a clean and dry face, free of makeup, leave on the face for 15 minutes and remove.

Facial Snail Slime
With Allantoin and natural extracts that nourish, hydrate and attenuate expression lines, blemishes, blackheads and scars. With a rich aroma, sensation of freshness and softness at the first application.

How to use: Apply only two drops to the entire face. Apply making circular movements with the fingertips until the entire area is covered .

micellar water
This product is made up of molecules that attract dirt and makeup, providing deep cleansing to the skin.

How to use: Shake before use. Moisten a cotton ball with micellar water and proceed to make circular movements all over the face

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