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"The Japanese consume green tea routinely, to which they attribute, among other benefits, a long life full of peace and tranquility"

Green Tea
15 sachets of 10g each.

Known as "Green Gold"

Green tea contains antioxidant compounds that are very beneficial in reducing the effects of aging. it can also help prevent heart disease and reduce sizes in a nutrition plan.

Some of the advantages of green tea consumption are the ability to have antioxidants through its polyphenols, protecting the body from antioxidant substances and free radicals that weaken defenses. It also helps reduce high cholesterol levels, it also helps prevent cavities from being generated. Green tea is also diuretic, has low caloric content and contributes to skin hydration.

Fights aging, prevents the appearance of wrinkles, strengthens bones, strengthens memory, reduces stress, reduces the risk of arthritis, prevents cardiovascular diseases, balances cholesterol levels, and reduces blood glucose levels.

Tip: we suggest you include moringa and turmeric concentrate, generating multiple benefits for your health.
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