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Finding balance... Is finding peace!

Te Azomalli from Nahuatl "Peace and Tranquility"
Relaxing herbal tea.
20 envelopes of 1.5 g each.

Its Herbal Extracts are used as natural relaxants that reduce tension symptoms, improving the quality of sleep.

The main benefits of passionflower are due to its use as a natural treatment for the following conditions, especially those that have a nervous origin:
    • Problems sleeping, punctual or recurrent insomnia. The passion flower shows a relaxing effect at the muscular level that helps to sleep. However, it may not be very useful in more accentuated or chronic insomnia and in situations of acute stress.
    • Insomnia in the elderly.
    • Mild states of anxiety, feelings of anguish due to emotional problems, losses or bereavements.
    • Stressful situations, very excited nerves due to rushing or when problems overwhelmed us. Nerves before an exam or opposition, or before giving a conference or speech.
The Melissa has relaxing properties, it is beneficial for insomnia and headaches, antidepressant.

Mullein is known for its wide variety of healing properties, mainly against diseases of the respiratory tract, such as the common cold, sore throat, tracheitis, and bronchitis, among others.

Castile rose protection against free radicals avoiding cell oxidation, avoiding diseases caused by microorganisms, anticancer effects, among others.

Orange leaves:
    • They are highly recommended to calm down and relax our nervous system.
    • They help to fall asleep and fight insomnia.
    • They help combat common digestive problems such as poor digestion, gas, diarrhea.

Also enriched with Orange Blossom, Manzanilla and Yolloxochitl.
This product is not a medicine.

Tip: For a deeper relaxation we suggest you consume SNS3 Y Sweet Dreams enriched with extracts of Melissa, passion flower and valerian, effective to combat problems of insomnia, stress and anxiety. In addition to including Patchouli Oil for topical use and humidifier.

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