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Choose to be well! Relaxing Nature

With passion flower extract, Melissa and valerian.
Net content 30 ml.

Relaxation is our natural state, it provides, mainly, a state of deep rest, while regulating metabolism, heart rate and breathing, it frees us from our tensions, both muscular and mental, that have accumulated from day to day. .

Relaxing is essential to face daily life, where rush, fear and stress damage and oxidize our body.

Valerian, Passionflower and Melissa extracts in modern times are widely used mainly for their natural relaxing properties, proving to be very effective for the natural treatment of insomnia.

Among the 10 best relaxants are the extracts of these 3 plants (Melissa, Pasiflora and Valeriana). which together help lower blood pressure, regulate breathing, oxygenating the brain and cells, decreases muscle tension, reduces cholesterol levels and blood fats, strengthens the immune system and prevents depression.

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