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Being healthy is more than the absence of disease, it implies being well with yourself, physically and emotionally!

Shelo Transfer Transfer Factor.
15 sachets of 10g each

Powdered formula that provides transfer factors, which contribute to stimulating the body's natural defenses and provide the necessary support to the immune system so that it can perform its functions adequately against invaders (viruses, bacteria or any other infectious organism) before that cause damage.

Transfer factors have three main functions:

Recognize: Identify undesirable invaders and plan the best way to attack the unknown agent.

Respond: Helps balance your immune system and adapt it to a specific situation so that invaders cannot multiply and inform the system when to stop the attack.

Remember: It is responsible for generating the multiplication of defense cells, so that the next time these undesirable invaders appear, your immune system will be ready to exert a healthy immune function.

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