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Beautiful hair is possible, if it is healthy and protected!

Coconut Shampoo
Revitalizes long and dull hair
Net Cont. 530 ml.

Coconut oil is very rich in vitamin K and vitamin E. In its composition it has a high concentration of fatty acids . For all this, it is a great moisturizer for hair and a great help to avoid split ends and frizz .

Hair , to stay healthy, needs to receive the right product , and coconut oil does that job for all hair that needs to be restructured, hydrated and shine! It is also essential to treat brittle, opaque, lifeless hair .

What are the benefits of coconut oil?

    • deep hair hydration

    • acts inside the hair, nourishes it and makes it more resistant

    • shinier hair

    • improves scalp health

    • It stimulates hair growth

    • improves the appearance of brittle hair

    • protects hair from pollution

    • reduces split ends

    • provides essential nutrients to hair

    • reduces dandruff

    • provides protein to hair

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