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¿Como Afiliarme a Shelo Nabel? Click para guia paso a paso

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The best color in the world is the one that looks best on you!

Today's woman daily exposes the skin of her face with various cosmetics, which may contain chemical substances, which can cause allergies, pigmentation problems, skin irritation, hormonal disorders, etc.

In addition to being aggressive with the skin, many of these ingredients are carcinogenic, so it is extremely important to know the ingredients that the cosmetics we use are made of.

Shelo NABEL's line of cosmetics is formulated based on natural ingredients such as snail slime. avocado, wheat germ, donkey's milk, aloe vera, rice powder, among others, which ensure healthy, cared for and fresh skin, important factors to show off a radiant face.

blush case
Net content 20 g

Tip: We suggest you combine it with rice powder and concealer to improve the finish of your makeup.

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