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Recover the Tone of your Hair! by Sheló NABEL

Recover the Tone of your Hair! by Sheló NABEL

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Keep dark hair naturally, providing shine and silkiness!

Without chemicals or parabens that damage your hair!

The cactus organ from the desert, combined with the fruit known as walnut, is potentially enriched with Carbohydrates, vitamins A and C, Calcium, Iron and Phosphorus.
Being a great ally in nuance and prolong the color.

Organ and Walnut Shampoo
Mattifies and prolongs the color
The Organ and the Walnut have a natural coloring capacity, it is enriched with vitamins and natural ingredients to protect the scalp.

  • Gently shades gray hair and restores its natural color, without mistreating or being aggressive.
  • Helps to maintain black hair and intensify its color, leaving hair shiny and silky, regenerates and strengthens from the roots.

Al Black Tint Two Phases
organ and walnut
Protects and gradually mattifies the tone of your hair in a natural way, nourishes and moisturizes your hair.
Gray hair retoucher
Color Black
Instantly conceals gray hair by applying it directly to the area to be touched up. With wheat germ oil!

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