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Well-being from within!

Natural Detox.
herbal tea
Net content 15 sachets of 10 g each.

Thanks to its various natural ingredients, it contributes to the proper balance and functioning of the body, supporting the elimination of substances that the body does not need.

A detox tea is appropriate at many times, but mainly after experiencing periods of excess such as vacations, weekends, family parties, etc. On dates like this we tend to increase the consumption of less healthy foods and sugars.

Thanks to the detox you can:

  • Feel lighter Increase your levels of well-being and vitality
  • Eliminate fluid retention
  • Help regulate your intestinal transit
  • rehydrate your skin
  • Improve your nutritional intake
  • Enjoy better sleep and rest
  • Reset your body without putting your health at risk
  • Contains 10 potent herbs: Marshmallow, Cranberry, Myrrh, Chaga, Mallow, Ginger, Persimmon, Ganoderma, Chamomile, Holy Thistle, and Blessed Thistle.
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