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Facial masks are an important part of the beauty and health of the skin, they clean and nourish it deeply to keep it healthy.

Caviar Face Mask.
4 envelopes of 5 g each.

Did you know that since ancient times caviar has been used in the world of cosmetics thanks to its beneficial properties for the skin?

  • -It is very rich in protein, essential amino acids, mineral salts and trace elements. -Contains numerous vitamins: A, B2, B6, B12, F and C.
  • -Helps to regenerate the skin thanks to phospholipids, responsible for the reconstruction of the cell membrane.
  • -It is essential to reaffirm, since it is a great restructuring of the horny layer of the skin.
  • -It can have an immediate lifting effect depending on the concentration of this food. - Contains healing properties.
  • -It is a great component to fight cellulite and tone the skin if applied as a body product.
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