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Sheló NABEL Gastric Kit (Colitis, Gastritis, Heartburn).

Sheló NABEL Gastric Kit (Colitis, Gastritis, Heartburn).

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It favors the gastric mucosa and reduces stomach acidity among other great benefits that our treatment gives you!

Products 100% Natural extracts! No chemicals or parabens that harm your body! For the entire family!

Cuachalalate and Cancerina Premier Drink.
The cuachalalate, one of the most common trees in Mexico, is one of the oldest medicinal plants in this country.
The bark of the Cuachalalate and Cancerina trees are considered gastroprotective, anti-inflammatory and strengthening of the digestive system.
Its bark and root have great ethnobotanical importance and in the field of traditional medicine benefits have been found, among which:
-It is a natural antibiotic.
-Reduces ovarian inflammation
-Helps fight malaria, stomach and intestinal cancer.
-Reduce the cholesterol
-Contributes to the dilution of kidney stones
-It is an ally to dissolve tumors, close hernias and cure kidney conditions. Enjoy it with a rich flavor of Tamarind.

AD-Balance Dietary Supplement
Ideal for balancing digestive functions. With chamomile, ginger and aloe extract.
-Chamomile: Relaxing.
-Ginger: Activates the metabolism.
-Aloe Vera: Regulates the pH.

Digestive Enzymes Powder
With a delicious tamarind flavor. Digestive enzymes are compounds that promote the digestion and absorption of proteins. They help prevent abdominal inflammation. With papaya to improve the transit of food, Plum a great stimulant and Pineapple a balancer.
Digestive enzymes are in charge of digesting food, breaking it down into its basic units so that it can be absorbed in the intestinal tract. Most of its activity occurs at the stomach level and, mainly, in the small intestine.
-Improves the assimilation of all nutrients, improving processes related to fatigue or immune weakness.
-Useful in cases of inflammation or intestinal involvement such as colitis, candidiasis, Crohn's syndrome, irritable bowel syndrome.
-Vesicular and pancreatic insufficiencies.
-Constipation / diarrhea.
-Flatulence / fermentation.
-Heavy digestions.

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