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Exfoliating Hands and Feet Kit

Exfoliating Hands and Feet Kit

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Eliminate dead cells and restore the softness of your feet and hands with the exfoliation kit!

Products 100% Natural extracts! Without chemicals or parabens that damage your skin! For the entire family!

Foot and hand scrub
It provides softness, eliminating dead cells and oxygenating your skin. With extracts of powdered walnut shells, cocoa, rosemary, arnica and peppermint oil.

Yogurt Anti Bacteria Silk Hand Soap - Aloe Vera.
With cleansing microspheres that help remove dead skin cells, for softer, dirt-free hands. With citric acid, Aloe Vera, and hydrolyzed silk.

Snail slime silk hands cream.
Take advantage of all the properties of snail slime to keep your hands hydrated and soft throughout the day.

Special honey and vanilla silk hand cream.
Thanks to its concentration of nutrients from honey, it provides hydration as well as keeping the skin soft and smooth, with a sweet and pleasant aroma.

This kit contains:
- 1 Foot and Hand Scrub.
- 1 Yogurt silk hand soap.
- 1 Aloe silk hand soap.
- 1 snail slime silk hands.
- 1 Special honey and vanilla silk hand cream.

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