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Sheló NABEL Constipation Kit

Sheló NABEL Constipation Kit

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Strengthens the growth and maintenance of intestinal flora and insoluble fiber that stimulates intestinal transit.

Products 100% Natural extracts! No chemicals or parabens that harm your body! For the entire family!

AD-Balance Dietary Supplement
Ideal for balancing digestive functions. With chamomile, ginger and aloe extract. -Chamomile: Relaxing.
-Ginger: Activates the metabolism.
-Aloe Vera: Regulates the pH.

Blue Agave Inulin Prebiotic Fiber.
With prebiotics from the Blue Agave, vital to maintain a healthy intestinal flora. It helps to facilitate the absorption of nutrients and provide intestinal protection.

This kit contains:
- 1 prebiotic fiber
-1 Supplement AD Balance drops

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