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Strengthen the function of the digestive system!

From Nahuatl "stomach"
With Damiana and Cola de Caballo, which act as diuretics and digestives.

Damiana is known to have been used in ancient pre-Columbian cultures. For example, the Mayans used them to improve the general health of the organism, but above all for their aphrodisiac action. Hence, it was known for a long time as the passion plant, since it improves sexual potency and frigidity, because it is a powerful vasodilator that will help us awaken desire and maintain physical strength to perform the sexual act. .

But not only its effects stop there, but it will help us increase the number of sperm and their quality, as well as in the case of women it will help regulate menstruation and maintain a reproductive system in perfect condition. Another function is the one it has on the nervous system, since it is a powerful stimulator of the same, which helps us to awaken the senses more and achieve greater and better sensations.

Its stimulating effects act in cases of decay, reluctance, and even in depressive pictures. Hence, it is a recommended plant in these states to activate the stimulation of the body and our state of mind. But its effects are not only at the nervous level, but its high diuretic and draining power must be taken into account, which will help us maintain a perfect state of health. To this we must add its contribution of fiber, which will help us avoid constipation.

This draining effect will help us avoid kidney stones and improve their condition in the case of suffering from them. In addition, we must add its expectorant effect that will help us in cases of respiratory infections.

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