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Clean and detoxify your body. Get a healthy lifestyle with short-term results, thanks to the fluid intake, the minimum calorie intake and the considerable fiber, potassium and vitamin content.

Products 100% Natural extracts!
No chemicals or parabens that harm your body!
For the entire family!

Green Juice Powder:
With extract of Pineapple, Grapefruit, Celery, Nopal, Parsley, Lemon and Agave Inulin. Enriched with vitamins and minerals. Enjoy its delicious flavor sweetened with Stevia. Among its benefits are:

-Green juice is a bioavailable source of vitamins and minerals, which means that the body can easily absorb them to stimulate metabolism and even restore its activity. This translates into more energy, weight control, efficient digestion, full rest, and anxiety relief.
-Green juice is rich in antioxidants, so it keeps cells healthy, vigorous and away from infections or viruses. At the same time it regulates the pH of the blood and helps oxygen to be transported throughout the body.
-Vitamins A, C and K in Green Juice are a bomb that increases collagen production, promotes detoxification (and healing) and protects skin from sun damage. This results in a hydrated, acne-free, blemish-free, and wrinkle-free face. -It is high in fiber, keeps glucose levels low and does not have many calories, meaning that it will keep you satiated for longer and without wanting to snack on high-carbohydrate foods. In addition, its properties clean toxins and waste from the intestine so that digestion flows quickly.

How to use: Mix the content of two tablespoons of powder (20 g) in a glass or cup of water 400 ml.

Concentrated Liquid Chlorophyll:
The best chlorophyll on the market with 80% chlorophyll and only 20% mint. \n \nWhat does liquid chlorophyll do in our body? \n-It provides vital energy thanks to its process of photosynthesis.
- Detoxifies and oxygenates our cells.
-Favours digestion and is a great diuretic.
-It is an easily digestible source of vitamins and minerals, which supports blood circulation, intestine, kidneys and liver, by helping to balance our metabolism.
-Possesses antioxidant action.
-Nourishes and strengthens the circulatory and intestinal systems.
-Chlorophyll significantly lowers cholesterol.
-Helps eliminate bad breath and bad body odors.

How to use : Take two tablespoons in a glass of water, twice a day. Or dilute 20 ml in a liter of water and drink as water of time.

Scrubber Milk Thistle Extract
Milk thistle is an annual or biennial herbaceous plant native to the Mediterranean Sea, ideal for the treatment and protection of liver and gallbladder diseases. Among its benefits are:
- Helps to repair and regenerate the liver, so it is useful in cases of hepatitis, cirrhosis and damage caused by alcohol.
- It is useful in case of poisoning by mushrooms or medicines.
-Helps in the digestion of fats, making it difficult for them to enter the liver cells.
- Compensates for and/or prevents possible liver damage caused by the use of medications, such as antiretrovirals, used in AIDS (HIV).
-Helps stimulate the secretion of bile, thus being highly recommended in case of slow digestion and gall stones.
- Relieves some headaches (headaches and migraines) of liver origin (those that only occur when we eat something heavy or that does not feel good).
- Protects the liver against toxins and polluting agents.
- Stimulates protein synthesis in liver cells and their regeneration and normal functioning.
- At the level of the gallbladder, it helps in gallstones.
- Regarding the intestine, its benefits against irritable colon have been proven.

How to use: Take 10 to 20 drops a day, dilute in the liquid of your choice (Water, juice, etc.)

This kit contains:
-1 Green Juice Powder
-1 Liquid Chlorophyll
-1 Purifying Milk Thistle Extract

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