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Baby Care

Baby Care

¿Como Afiliarme a Shelo Nabel? Click para guia paso a paso

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For the care of the most precious of our family!

Undoubtedly, the skin of babies is a very delicate area. Specialists affirm that it is very sensitive and has few barriers. Great care must be taken in its protection so that it is not damaged by external and environmental agents.

Moisturizes your baby's skin, softens and prevents chafing, and provides freshness and a pleasant aroma.

Baby Shampoo Zero tears!
Special to gently clean and untangle baby's hair.

Baby powder With corn starch
It keeps your baby free of moisture and chafing, thanks to its absorbent properties.

Baby Body Cream With Aloe Vera and Honey
Take care, nourish and hydrate your baby's skin with all the benefits of 100% Natural honey.

Hypoallergenic baby oil
Softness and protection for your baby, excellent for massaging your baby while hydrating their delicate skin.

baby bodysuit
With natural extract of Chamomile, it provides freshness and a pleasant aroma for your baby. Excellent at night for a deep rest and also very practical in case of crying, it provides relaxation.

This kit contains:
-1 Zero Tears Shampoo
-1 Baby Powder
-1 Baby Body Cream
-1 Baby Oil
-1 Body bb

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