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Relax with its delicious aroma!

Choco Shampoo
Restructures the hair giving it shine and silkiness
Net content 530 ml.

Sweet and relaxing aroma of chocolate

Stronger hair and easier to comb, thanks to all the benefits of cocoa.

Cocoa has a multitude of properties: minerals, vitamin B1, magnesium, theobromine, lipids and proteins ... as well as for dry hair, because they hydrate it deeply, by providing the necessary nutrients. Cocoa helps increase blood circulation to the scalp, which promotes healthy, shiny hair. It also acts as a circulation booster, minimizing hair loss. In addition, cocoa has anti-inflammatory properties, which helps to minimize the chances of scalp infections.

Tip: We recommend you include Choco rinse, stye corrector and chocolate collagen treatment if you want to make a deep repair to your hair. \n \n

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