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This wonderful discovery of the 21st century has been scientifically proven to be effective in reducing expression lines, blemishes, blackheads, and scars!

Body Snail Slime Special for imperfections
Net content 950 ml

With Allantoin and natural extracts that nourish, hydrate and attenuate expression lines, blemishes, blackheads and scars . With a rich aroma, sensation of freshness and softness at the first application.

Snail slime-based products are especially indicated for skin care, both for the prevention and treatment of dermatological problems, being especially indicated for:

-Rejuvenate the skin.
-Eliminate and attenuate wrinkles and skin blemishes.
-Regenerate tissues damaged by wounds and burns.
-Remove burn marks and birthmarks
-Erase scars and spots.
-Blur and remove white and red stretch marks.
-Combat orange skin.
-Eliminate acne.
-Eliminate Acne scars.
-Smooth the skin.
-Provides elasticity.

Tip: Body snail slime cream, as its name indicates, is aimed at body care. For better results, we suggest using Firming Bubbles, Firming Exfoliating Soap and Body Firming Cream to exfoliate the skin and provide better blood circulation, causing the skin to stand firm. Body snail slime cream is specially formulated for the body.

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