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Daily cleansing in the morning and at night is very important for healthier skin!

micellar water
Removes make-up, cleanses and tones
Net content 140 ml

This product is made up of molecules that attract dirt and makeup, providing deep cleansing to the skin. Micellar waters are the easiest way to remove all those dead cells that we accumulate, as well as pollution particles and makeup.

It is a solution of molecules formed by a hydrophilic pole (which attracts water) and a lipophilic pole (which attracts fat) and when they come together, they precisely form a micelle, that is, a kind of magnet that, when passed through the skin, is capable of capturing dirt.

Your 7 benefits

-Clean deep

-Eliminate impurities

-Tone by balancing the skin's pH


-Do not cause irritation

-Delay the appearance of wrinkles

-Do not leave a greasy feeling

Tip: We suggest you use makeup made from natural extracts to protect your skin. You can also include Facial snail slime to regenerate your skin.

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