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Ideal for balancing digestive functions!
With chamomile, ginger and aloe extract.

AD Balance Droplets
Net content 30 ml

We must complement a balanced diet with a good lifestyle, such as rest, exercise, contact with nature and living in a pleasant environment. The complex network of intestinal nerve plexuses influence not only digestion, but also the mood of human beings. The proper functioning of the digestive system helps to digest food well, at the same time that it helps us defend ourselves against the attacks of viruses and bacteria with which we are exposed every day. The so-called “diseases of civilization” (obesity, constipation, hemorrhoids, diabetes, colon cancer, heart attack and other coronary diseases) are on the crest of the wave. Doctors recommend medicines before habit changes. Medicine treats the causes of diseases, but it does not prevent them, and it does not treat them naturally. Natural components such as chamomile and ginger help strengthen the digestive system, stimulating the action of the brain on the intestines, producing an interrelationship of coordination and balance between the two.

For the benefits of its ingredients:

-Chamomile: Relaxing.
-Ginger: Activates the metabolism.
-Aloe Vera: Regulates the pH.

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